Merchandising Announcement Library


 Do you need to find out what a section is supposed to look like? Need to show a new guy what a vendor section is supposed to look like? Below you'll find merchandising announcement for core baseline arrangements since early 2019. Most of these are for all stores while others are a test for selected stores. They address the base minimum inventory for a given display. You may have more based on sales in your region.

Multiple Vendor
Merchandised Sections
4'- 8'-12' Gondola Lighting Section

Lighting will be addressed again as a whole once we have a defined lighting display wall. But we do have the new Pro Comp Light Bars and other new lighting established that will make up 8' of one gondola. The rest will be added once it becomes available.

Lighting Display Wall

TBA - Defined and Pending Approval

8' Gondola Towing Section

TBA - Defined and Pending Approval

4' Gondola Compressor Section

TBA - Defined and Pending Approval

Update To Wheel Display Walls

TBA - Wheel Selection In Progress

*More will be added to this section as they become available.

Single Vendor
Merchandised Sections
Alpine Audio End Cap Display

Single panel display with 3D effects end cap.

Test for 26 stores. You can find the Tracker HERE.


Tailgater Tire Table Display Update

Announcement of Tire Table and instructions on where and how to display this product. You can find the Tracker HERE.

*DC1 Stores Only.


Bestop 2-Shelf Product Update

Updates the 2 shelves below the previously updated display wall. The update is divided into 14 regions of sales. You can find the Tracker HERE.


Smittybilt Soft Goods Wall Display & Apparel

Condensing Instructions for Smittybilt (14 different regions) to fit Apparel. You can find the Tracker HERE.


SCC SNow Chain Seasonal Display

*Update 3/31: These items will soon have OPs removed and you will be sending them back to your DCs. 

Bestop Wall Display Update

Wall display reset provided by Bestop including video and 3D graphics. You can find the Tracker HERE.


Mickey Thompson DIsplay Update

This update established both sides of a single tire & wheel rolling tower in your showroom. You can find the Tracker HERE.


Redarc Towing Shelf Display

Simple shelf POP display unit for Redarc towing systems. You can find the Tracker HERE.


Fab Fours Bumper Display Update

Exchanging old bumper for a few different new versions. You can find the Tracker HERE.


VP Racing End Cap Display

New end cap of 23 products featuring gas/oil additives and containers. You can find the Tracker HERE.