It has come to our attention that UPS has changed their max package guidelines and it is EXPENSIVE if it is not followed.  On this page there are two attachments.  One is a quick rundown that if any package hits at least one of those criteria then that shipment will be hit with a $650 PLUS surcharge on top of the actual shipping charge.

The second attachment is an excel calculator which will enable you to determine the UPS girth

From here on please enter all information when using UPS Worldship:

  • Destination

  • Weight

  • The final shipping package dimensions

With this information entered, UPS Worldship will tell you the final cost and if you are over the threshold on any of the criteria it will add the surcharge to your shipping cost.

The DC's have been notified of this and if a XDS transfer is created and the item hits any of those criteria they will not ship